Baumer SA

Product Listings for Baumer SA
A-Lock Cementless Acetabular Cup
Spherical cementless acetabular cup with two to four screw holes ... [more]
Alpha Modular Cemented Prosthesis - Primary
Available in 4 sizes for primary prosthesis and for revision pros ... [more]
Bauer & Black Woven Elbow Brace
Helps relieve symptoms of arthritis, such as pain and inflammatio ... [more]
Baumer Original Total Elbow Prosthesis
Blocked prosthesis with three intramedullar stems for humerus, ul ... [more]
Charnley Cemented Polyethylene Acetabular Component (Prod 1417)
For direct placement in the acetabular cavity, avoiding the use ... [more]
Charnley Prosthesis, Modular & Non-Modular
The Charnley Type Prosthesis has a flat, thin intramedullar stem ... [more]
Delta - Cemented Polyethylene Acetabular Component
Indicated for Primary and Revision hip surgeries, available in th ... [more]
Collagen of Lyophilized Bovine Origin. ... [more]
Lyophilized decalcified cortical bone resorbing membrane. ... [more]
Lyophilized Bovine Bone Matrix, available in the organic and inor ... [more]
Hydroxyapatite available as blocks or macro or microganular granu ... [more]
Factors of bone growth or Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) with ... [more]
MHM Radius Proximal Prosthesis
Proximal body with concave cavity for the articulation with the h ... [more]
An articulation between the humeral and glenoidal components. Int ... [more]
Muller Cemented Polyethylene Acetabular Component
Muller Cemented Polyethylene Acetabular Component is an implant d ... [more]
Muller Modular Prosthesis - Primary
Modular Hip Prosthesis with self-blocking intramedullar stem, whi ... [more]
Muller Non-Modular Prosthesis - Primary
Self-blocking intramedullar stem, which due to its characteristic ... [more]
New Moore Modular Prosthesis - Primary
Rectangular intramedullar stem, with anatomic profile, having in ... [more]
Non- Modular Shoulder Prosthesis - NEER II
Available with or without hydroxyapatite. ... [more]
Thompson Modular Prosthesis - Primary
Lozenge intramedullar stem, with an anatomic profile, which is pl ... [more]