Axiom Worldwide, Inc

Product Listings for Axiom Worldwide, Inc
DRX9000 (Prod 5221)
The DRX9000 is designed to relieve pressure on the anatomical str ... [more]
DRX9500™ Cervical Device (Prod 160607)
The DRX9500™ Cervical Device provides patients a program of tre ... [more]
DTX200 & DTX4000 (Prod 5224)
The DTX200 is a Dual Energy X-ray densitometer. It Performs measu ... [more]
EPS8000™ (Prod 160607)
The EPS8000™ stimulates peripheral nerves for the purpose of pr ... [more]
Power Laser 5 ( PL-5) (Prod 5223)
The Power Laser 5 ( PL-5) was designed to treat pain associated w ... [more]
Power Laser 90 (PL-90) (Prod 5222)
Alternative to drugs and invasive treatments for patients with ca ... [more]