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Anetic-P Mobile Surgery Table
Integrates stretcher mobility into a fully-functional surgery tab ... [more]
ASG-120 Electrosurgical Generator
BovieFDFS (Fast Digital Feedback System). Monopolar and bipolar ... [more]
Halogen III Series Surgical Headlight
The Halogen III is a surgical headlight with High Beam TriLens te ... [more]
New, Refurbished & Used Medical Equipment
A professional supplier of new, and refurbished anesthesia machin ... [more]
Pedigo Mayo Stand
All welded stainless steel construction with removable, 20" x 25 ... [more]
Refurbished - Amsco 1080 Operating Room Table
The Amsco 1080 surgical table is available as refurbished for bot ... [more]
SLS-5000 Surgical Lights
The SLS5000 lights are suitable for low-clearance ceilings. Thes ... [more]
Torino EXL Surgical Table (Prod 1407251)
Surgical table with a versatile positioning system and customizab ... [more]