Product Listings for Austofix
Calix Cervical Interbody Spacer (Prod 12292)
The Calix Cervical Interbody Spacer system is comprised of precis ... [more]
F2 Nail (Prod 4725)
The F2 Nail is a femoral nail which can be supplied as a cannulat ... [more]
Hip Nail (Prod 4728)
Not available in the USA ... [more]
Humeral Nail (Prod 4729)
Not available in the USA ... [more]
S2 Supracondylar Nail (Prod 1502161)
Boasting a variety of applications, Strong, versatile and the S2 ... [more]
Tectona Hip Plate (Prod 1502162)
An efficient option for busy trauma hospitals dealing with the in ... [more]
Tibial Nail (Prod 4727)
Not available in the USA ... [more]