Aspen Surgical Products, Inc.

Product Listings for Aspen Surgical Products, Inc.
Adson Dura Needle
1/2 circle. Taper point. ... [more]
Bard-Parker® SafeSwitch™ Scalpel Handle (Prod 1779)
Disposable scalpel handle with a retractable sheath Faci ... [more]
Bulldog Clamp
The clamp's jaws are covered with soft, extruded medical-grade si ... [more]
Cautery Tip Cleaner
Foam pad with abrasive materialon one side, strong adhesive on th ... [more]
COLORTRACK Instrument Identification Tape (Prod 5380)
ColorTrack ID Roll Tape securely adheres to instruments and will ... [more]
Dr Fog Anti-Fog Solution
The Original Dr. Fog anti-fog solution comes in your choice of ou ... [more]
Ensure that your instruments stay in the proper open position dur ... [more]
Endoscope Channel Brushes
Channel Brushes with tapered brush heads, elevator sheath and com ... [more]
Endoscope Guards
Safeguard the lenses and eyepieces of delicate endoscopic equipme ... [more]
Fan Tip Brush
Fan Tip provides extra scrubbing power where you need it, at the ... [more]
Flexible Light Covers
Eliminate costly reprocessing with these easy to use disposable F ... [more]
Form-A-Liner (Prod 10260)
Latex-free bowl or pan liner with unlimited formability to create ... [more]
Form-A-Zone (Prod 10259)
Latex-free, reusable, instrument mat with unlimited formability. ... [more]
General Purpose Brushes
General Purpose Brushes can be used throughout all of your instru ... [more]
InnerVent Guards
InnerVent Instrument Guards offer the performance of a vented gua ... [more]
Instrument Brush Storage
Convenient storage and packaging solutions help to organize your ... [more]
Light Handle Adapters
Designed to standardize all surgical lights with an easy to use u ... [more]
Locking Tags (Prod 5381)
Tamper-evident locking tags that can be customized to a variety o ... [more]
Micro/Mini Brushes
Micro/Mini Brushes are designed to fit into and effectively clean ... [more]
MIS Guards
The venting of these specialty guards provides extra flow through ... [more]
Nail Brush
Gentle yet effective brush for hands and nail cleaning. ... [more]
Osteotome Guards
Save Osteotome instrument edges from chipping with these snug-fit ... [more]
Pin Covers (Prod 2597)
Three sterile, color coded sizes fit all eleven Steinman Pins and ... [more]
Pin Covers For K-Wires, Steinmann Pins (Prod 5370)
Made of thermoplastic and available in three color-coded sizes th ... [more]
Retractor Guards
Protect expensive retractors with Aspen's exclusive Retractor Gua ... [more]
Rigid Disposable Light Handle
Eliminate costly reprocessing with these easy to use disposable R ... [more]
Safety Scalpel Handles and Blades
Metal protected blade system. Disposable systems also available. ... [more]
Sterion Skin Closures, Filament Reinforced (Prod 2551)
Latex free, sterile tape closure strips Filament reinforced for ... [more]