Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions LLC

Product Listings for Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions LLC
Disposable, weighted scalpel handle that allows the surgeon to ut ... [more]
Correct Medication Labeling System
Each kit contains: a marking pen that offers a wide tip which wr ... [more]
Correct Site Tattoos
Adult and children versions. Patients can be marked several days ... [more]
DriFloor Absorbent Pad
Absorbent pad to prevent slips and falls. ... [more]
Keep It Up System
The sterile field can contain a daunting array of cords, tubes, a ... [more]
Simple and safe system to allow recapping of a syringe needle C ... [more]
TIME OUT Removable Sleeve
Removable safety sleeve for the scalpel to be removed following t ... [more]
Total Sharps Safety System
Multiple products: Safety scalpel, "Safe Zone" passing tray, and ... [more]
Z-Slider Patient Transfer Sheet
Disposable, lightweight, strong, and ergonomic. No lifting requi ... [more]