Anika Therapeutics

Product Listings for Anika Therapeutics
CINGAL® (Prod 151109)
CINGAL® is a medical device to treat pain associated with osteoa ... [more]
Hyalofast™ (Prod 151109)
Non-woven pad made of HYAFF®, a semi-synthetic derivative of hya ... [more]
Hyaloglide® (Prod 151109)
Hyaloglide® is a transparent, highly viscous gel, made of auto c ... [more]
Hyalonect® (Prod 151109)
Hyalonect® is a knitted mesh composed of HYAFF®, a benzyl ester ... [more]
Monovisc (Prod 9845)
Monovisc™ is a single injection supplement to the synovial flui ... [more]
OrthoVisc (Prod 2775)
A safe, effective and long-lasting treatment for pain resulting f ... [more]
Orthovisc mini (Prod 9846)
Orthovisc® mini brings the trusted Orthovisc® formulation to a ... [more]