AliMed, Inc.

Product Listings for AliMed, Inc.
Adjustable Bone Hook
Adjust the radius and length according to the patient's anatomy. ... [more]
Aetrex Harris Mat (Prod 10918)
Graphically illustrates high-pressure points and weight imbalance ... [more]
AliCork Orthotic
The quality look and feel of cork. Post and finish with a leather ... [more]
AliMed Patient Roller
Short, medium, & long. ... [more]
Antimicrobial Gait Belt
Effective and inexpensive solution to gait belt cross contaminati ... [more]
Apex Full-Length Anti-Shox Sports Orthotic (Prod 4606)
Molded with patented heel cushion, medial posting, longitudinal a ... [more]
Aspen Cervical Collars
Improves patient compliance, prevent skin breakdown and reduce ov ... [more]
Exerts gentle pressure on extensor, supinator and flexor muscles ... [more]
Bariatric Shifter
Holds up to 600 lbs. Heavy-duty, flexible plastic that fully sup ... [more]
Cam Walker
Fix the ankle or prescribe a range-of-motion. Features adjustable ... [more]
Classic Arthroscopic Leg Holder System (Prod 7807)
This arthroscopic leg holder immobilizes the thigh and allows for ... [more]
Clavicle Support
Contact closures has high-profile, foam-padded 1 1/2" web shoulde ... [more]
Collar, Philadelphia Pediatric
Plastazote® with plastic anterior and posterior reinforcement ... [more]
Comfy Elbow Orthosis
Custom-fitted, static-progressive orthosis mobilizes nonfixed elb ... [more]
D2 Dorsal Night Splint
D2 Night Splint. Dynamic and progressive stretch force to the pl ... [more]
Digit Extensor Tube
Neoprene finger sleeve with enough rigidity to add extensor force ... [more]
Disk-Criminator (Prod 4422)
Moving and static two-point discrimination device. Can also be se ... [more]
Dorsal PF Night Splint
Lightweight. Designed to stretch the plantar fascia while patien ... [more]
Elastic Torso Belt Shoulder Immobilizer
Body band is 4"W firm knit elastic. Three wide plastic stays prev ... [more]
Equalizer Air Walker
Pneumatic system that increases stabililty and helps to decrease ... [more]
Exo-Static Collar
Cervical stabilization from neutral to full positions. Automatic ... [more]
Ezy Wrap Economy Contour Cervical Collar
Economy Contour Cervical Collar Medium-density urethane foam. Syn ... [more]
Foam Cervical Collar
Medium-firm density. Breathable. Deeply anatomically contoured. N ... [more]
Foot/Hand Prepper (Prod 7805)
Large base for stability Concave armrest to hold arm securely a ... [more]
Freedom Dorsal PF Night Splint
Gently stretches the plantar fascia and calf musculature to help ... [more]
Freedom Knee Immobilizer
The Freedom Knee Immobilizer has a slide-to-size adjustment that ... [more]
FREEDOM OR Arthroscopic Stress Post (Prod 7819)
FREEDOMĀ® OR Arthroscopic Stress Posts provide a comfortable and ... [more]
FREEDOM OR Foot Extender
Easy-to-adjust mounting rails telescope to match your model table ... [more]
FREEDOM OR Heenan Positioner
FREEDOM® OR Heenan Positioner places the elbow in optimal pos ... [more]
FREEDOM OR Leg Holders
Vinyl-Coated Operative Leg Holder secures and cushions patien''ts ... [more]