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Ambulator® Fitting Kits feature an assortment of devices used ... [more]
Ambulator Bio Boots
The new BIO4000 is a 3/4 style boot designed with 3 removable ins ... [more]
Ambulator Healing Shoes (Prod 2242)
Designed to accommodate patients who require comfortable, ultra l ... [more]
Ambulator Therapeutic Chukka Boots
Designed to comfort and protect "Charcot" feet and other foot def ... [more]
Ambulator Therapeutic Sandals
Constructed from Plastazote for ultimate comfort and plantar prot ... [more]
Anti-Shox Conform Orthotics
Comfortable, light-weight orthotics that feature state-of-the-art ... [more]
Anti-Shox Dress Heel Cushions (Prod 2251)
Anti-Shox Dress Heel Cushions are designed to relieve the pain an ... [more]
Anti-Shox Dress Orthotics
Anti-Shox Dress Orthotics provide comfort and shock absorption in ... [more]
Anti-Shox Gel Insoles
Anti-Shox Gel Insoles provide ultra light-weight comfort and shoc ... [more]
Anti-Shox Sports Orthotics - Full Length
Anti-Shox Sports Orthotics are designed to absorb shock, comfort ... [more]
Anti-Shox Visco Heel Cradles - "Posted"
Anti-Shox Visco Heel Cradles were designed by a doctor to absorb ... [more]
Anti-Shox Visco Heel Cradles - "Spur"
Anti-Shox Visco Heel Cradles were designed by a doctor to comfort ... [more]
Apex Foot Imprinter Set
The set includes the imprint mat, paper, ink, and roller. Produce ... [more]
Apex Metatarsal Strips (Prod 2235)
Can be cut to size and attached to soles of shoes. ... [more]
Carboplast Rigid Insoles
Heat moldable, equilateral insoles used to limit forefoot and mid ... [more]
Carboplast Rigid Sole Bars
Very light-weight and used when extra stability is needed. ... [more]
Gel Bunion Shield
Comforts, protects, and moistens painful bunions. The Gel molds t ... [more]
Gel Toe Cap
Clinically proven to provide immediate relief from ingrown toenai ... [more]
Gel Toe Crest
Gel comfort for hammer, claw, or mallet toes, while relieving pre ... [more]
H.V. Bunion Bandage
Relieves pain caused by bunions. Eases the big toe from the secon ... [more]
H.V. Night Splint
Helps keep the big toe aligned and prevents bunions from worsenin ... [more]
Hammer Toe Crest
Relieves pain caused by hammer toes, and fits comfortably between ... [more]
Hammer Toe Splint (1 Loop)
Relieves the discomfort of hammer toes. The elastic loop slides o ... [more]
Lynco Biomechanical Orthotics
The Conform series feature tri-density orthotics constructed with ... [more]
Plastazote, Firm/Plastazote, Med.ThermoThotics
Dual density orthotics that combine a firm Plastazote base and me ... [more]
Thermocork Lite
An ideal choice for diabetic and arthritic patients due to its op ... [more]
Provides continuous comfort and protection and are recommended fo ... [more]
A line of "Ready-Made" heat moldable orthotics available anywhere ... [more]
Toe Separator Comb
Provides gentle toe separation to prevent overlapping. Relieves s ... [more]