Adler Ortho S.R.L.

Product Listings for Adler Ortho S.R.L.
Aequa Revision Stem (Prod 150322)
Titanium alloy straight stem with rough surface finish. ... [more]
Agilis Ti-Por (Prod 150322)
Monoblock uncemented titanium alloy hemispheric cup produced enti ... [more]
Apta Cemented and Uncemented (Prod 150322)
Titanium alloy anatomical stems. ... [more]
Corae Cemented (Prod 150322)
Stainless steel cemented or uncemented stem without collar. ... [more]
DAC Hydrogel (Prod 2006192)
Contents Temporary and bio-absorbable defensive antibacterial c ... [more]
DMX Dual Mobility Cup (Prod 150322)
Cemented acetabular dual mobility implant available in three vers ... [more]
Femoral Heads (Prod 150322)
Fixa Ti-Por (Prod 150322)
Uncemented titanium alloy hemispheric cup produced entirely with ... [more]
Genus FB CR (Prod 150322)
Cobalt-chrome cruciate retaining fixed bearing total knee prosthe ... [more]
Genus MB (Prod 150322)
Mobile plate tricompartmental knee prosthesis. ... [more]
Genus MB PS (Prod 150322)
Cobalt-chrome mobile bearing posterior-stabilized total knee pros ... [more]
Genus UNI (Prod 150322)
Fixed plate unicompartmental knee prosthesis. ... [more]
Hydra Cemented and Uncemented (Prod 150322)
Modular cemented or uncemented stem in titanium alloy. ... [more]
Modula System (Prod 150322)
System of modular necks in titanium alloy for an accurate reprodu ... [more]
Nova Uncemented (Prod 150322)
Uncemented stem with Wings. ... [more]
Omnia Revision Cup (Prod 150322)
Titanium alloy press-fit. ... [more]
Parva Uncemented (Prod 150322)
Stem manufactured directly with titanium powders. ... [more]
Pulchra Uncemented (Prod 150322)
Stem manufactured directly with titanium powders. ... [more]
Recta (Prod 150322)
Square section uncemented straight stem. Manufactured in titanium ... [more]