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Product Listings for AQ Implants GmbH
ATPP - Adapted - Thrust - Plate - Prosthesis (Prod 3282)
The Adapted-Thrust-Plate Prosthesis is derived from Huggler's and ... [more]
CT3D-A System (Prod 3280)
A computer assisted custom made artificial hip-joint, the CT3D-A ... [more]
CTS-Reinforcement-Cup (Prod 3285)
CT-support-cups are custom implants made of pure titanium for the ... [more]
CTX (Prod 3281)
A system for standard and individualized artificial joints - comb ... [more]
DSP-Cup (Prod 3283)
The Double- Spherical- Pressfit cup has a spherical structure wit ... [more]
REVISIO M Acetabular Cup System (Prod 150628)
Indication: Paprosky type IIa to IIIb acetabular defect ... [more]
REVISIO S (Prod 150628)
REVISIO S was developed for the treatment of traditional revision ... [more]
REVISIO S Hinged Knee (Prod 150628)
Hinged knee endoprosthesis: 3 Sizes (S, M, L) An ... [more]
REVISIO S Reinforcement Ring (Prod 150628)
Indication: Paprosky type IIb to IIc acetabular defects ... [more]
RS-Reinforcement Cup (Prod 3284)
RS-Reinforcement Cup for the correction of major acetabular bone ... [more]