Advanced Orthopaedic Solutions (AOS)

Product Listings for Advanced Orthopaedic Solutions (AOS)
7.0 mm Cannulated Screw System (Prod 11865)
Features: Low-profile screw head for reduced soft tissue irritat ... [more]
ES Trochanteric Nail™ (Prod 8404)
The extended-short nail system. The ease of a short nail with th ... [more]
Galileo™ Trochanteric Nail System (Prod 1410152)
Used in concert with the ES™ Trochanteric Nail the Galileo™ L ... [more]
Humeral Nail (Prod 7588)
The Humeral Nail is intended to treat stable and unstable proxima ... [more]
Proximal Humerus Plate System
Fix first; suture last.  Sits more distally to reduce subach ... [more]
Tibial Nail System
The Tibial Nail System is intended to provide stabilization of va ... [more]
Trochanteric Nail
The Trochanteric Nail is intended for the treatment of basilar ne ... [more]