A-Spine Asia Co., Ltd.

Product Listings for A-Spine Asia Co., Ltd.
Bullet (Prod 747)
Interbody fusion device. It is made from titanium and comes in a ... [more]
Cervi-Link (Prod 750)
A posterior, cervical rod and plate system designed to stabilize ... [more]
Helix Cage (Prod 745)
Interbody fusion device. It is a hollow, cylindrically shaped imp ... [more]
TriFix G System (Prod 739)
Ideal for short procedures of up to three and four levelUsing a r ... [more]
Trifix LP System (Prod 740)
Top loading screws designed to hold rods closely to the spine. ... [more]
Trifix RF System (Prod 742)
A general, all-purpose fracture reduction fixation device.a gener ... [more]
Trifix SP System (Prod 741)
Designed to treat spondylolisthesis stage II and III where reduct ... [more]
Trifix Spinal System (Prod 1197)
Screws, blocks, rods, and plates. Titanium alloy. Self-leveling c ... [more]
Universal Spinal Anterior (USA) Narrow Plate System (Prod 743)
Narrow Plate System provides anterior stabilization and fixation ... [more]
Universal Spinal Anterior (USA)Straight Plate System (Prod 744)
Provides anterior stabilization and fixation for unstable thoraco ... [more]
Verti-Com (Prod 748)
An anterolateral, vertebral body replacement used to treat compre ... [more]
Vigor Disc Spacer (Prod 746)
Consists of various shaped blocks made from titanium alloy. Diffe ... [more]
Window Plate System (Prod 738)
Titanium and titanium alloy. The device serves to stabilize the m ... [more]