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Product Listings for A.M. Surgical, Inc.
Combined Limited Open Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (Prod 4358)
Mizra Technique: Combines the approach of a mini-open procedure ... [more]
CPX (Cross Pin Fixator for Distal Radius Fractures) (Prod 7582)
The CPX is indicated for the treatment of displaced or non-displa ... [more]
Endoscopic Gastrocnemius Release (Prod 1853)
Can be performed prone or supine. 1 - 2 cm. incision. Full visu ... [more]
EPF (Prod 1850)
Uniportal Plantar Fasciotomy ... [more]
Stratos ECTR System (Prod 1851)
Now with a clear cannula for endoscopic carpal tunnel release. ... [more]
UDIN (Prod 1852)
Uniportal Interdigital Nerve Decompression ... [more]