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DePuy ALPS (Implant 4208)

DePuy ALPS (Implant 4208)

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Ankle: Ankle & Distal Tibia Implants

Biomet Precontoured Distal Tibial Plate (Implant 635)Biomet Precontoured Distal Tibial Plate (Implant 635)
Anterolateral precontoured distal tibial plate used for a tibial ... [more]
DePuy ALPS (Implant 4208)DePuy ALPS (Implant 4208)
The AP film is an ankle fixation performed with the Depuy ALPS sy ... [more]
DePuy ALPS (Implant 4209)DePuy ALPS (Implant 4209)
Lateral of Ankle fracture fixation with the Depuy ALPS system rel ... [more]
EBI Biomet (Implant 636)EBI Biomet (Implant 636)
Courtesy of Douglas R. Dirschl, MD; UNC Orthopaedics; Chapel Hill ... [more]
Stryker Precontoured Tibial Plate (Implant 634)Stryker Precontoured Tibial Plate (Implant 634)
Precontoured medial distal tibial plate on a tibial plafond fract ... [more]
Synthes Locking Plate (Implant 179)Synthes Locking Plate (Implant 179)
Synthes locking plate for lateral malleolus fracture with unstabl ... [more]
Synthes Screws (Implant 290)Synthes Screws (Implant 290)
Mortise view of ankle: 3.5 mm cortical screw as syndesmosis screw ... [more]
Synthes Screws (Implant 291)Synthes Screws (Implant 291)
Lateral view of ankle: 3.5 mm cortical screw as syndesmosis screw ... [more]
Synthes Tubular Plate (Implant 67)Synthes Tubular Plate (Implant 67)
Synthes 1/3 tubular Locking Plate with Norian Cement for pilon Fx ... [more]
Webb Bolt (Implant 175)Webb Bolt (Implant 175)
Photo submitted by Dr. Marr. Identified by Mark Hawkins as a Webb ... [more]
Zimmer Plates (Implant 637)Zimmer Plates (Implant 637)
Medial precontoured distal tibial and recontoured distal fibular ... [more]