SpiderStepper (FP 191210.1214)

Manufacturer Info:
Canoe Creek Rehabilitation Products, Inc.
865 Virginia Ct.
# 108
Dunedin, FL 34698

(412) 608-8230


About the Manufacturer:
Developer of innovative, biomechanically based products for the conservative treatment of shoulder impingement and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • VIDEO of the SpiderStepper in Use
  • About SpiderStepper (FP 191210.1214)

    New home, physical therapy, and medical office device to help restore shoulder range of motion

    The SpiderStepper allows those with frozen or stiff shoulders to increase range of motion by climbing up a curved ladder with their hand.  The curve in the ladder mimics the curve taken by the arm when it is being raised.

    Not only can the user use the SpiderStepper to assist in elevating the arm in internal rotation when working on flexion, but users can also use it with the palm in the up position to grasp the rungs on the ladder to work on abduction.  When the hand is in the palm-up position, this causes external rotation of the arm at the shoulder, which moves the greater tuberosity out of the way.  That reduces impingement caused by the greater tuberosity when the arm is internally rotated, which occurs when used in the palm-down position and works fine for flexion exercises.

    Shipped fully assembled

    Click on VIDEO to see how the SpiderStepper can be used to assist people with stiff shoulders.

    Patent Pending

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