FlexiOH® Prefabricated Orthopaedic Cast (Prod 2001141 T114)

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Manufacturer Info:
OrthoHeal LLC
605 Elmwood Park Blvd.
#B221, River Ridge
Elmwood, LA 70123

(201) 567-7633


About the Manufacturer:
OrthoHeal is one of the most promising med-tech startups in the country focusing on the orthopedic medical device segment. We at OrthoHeal strive to use the technology at hand to develop devices and products that can offer an array of innovative solutions for patients, thereby providing them better care. We emphasize improving the patient experience while they are undergoing therapy while simutanously developing better solutions for them. We leverage our knowledge and technology to identify and provide solutions to largely ignored patient needs in the best possible ways.

  • FlexiOH® Short Arm Cast
  • FlexiOH® Splint or Slab
  • Rizycure®
  • About FlexiOH® Prefabricated Orthopaedic Cast (Prod 2001141 T114)

    THE FIRST OF ITS KIND: An orthopaedic cast that has the rigidity to secure the fractured limb while ensuring proper skin ventilation
    • Easy-to-apply, wearable cast
    • Flexible until made rigid with the Rizycure® portable LED light system that uses a high intensity, uniform, blue light that "cures" the cast in about 10 minutes
    • Can be removed without the use of a cast cutter or spreader.
    • Provides the following solutions for common issues related to conventional casts:
      • Washable
      • Breathable
      • Lightweight
      • Safer
      • Comfortable
      • Easy application

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