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Safe Cord™ Floor Strip (Prod 1511092S)Safe Cord™ Floor Strip (Prod 1511092S)
Safe Cord™ is a durable, disposable safety strip designed to co ... [more]
Sani-Cover™ Medical Grade Disposable Face Rest Covers (Prod 1509252.25S)Sani-Cover™ Medical Grade Disposable Face Rest Covers (Prod 1509252.25S)
For use with the epidural positioning devices that can be seen ... [more]
Shoulder Pro™ (Prod 150905S915)Shoulder Pro™ (Prod 150905S915)
The shoulder is designed to move in an arc. Standard overhead pul ... [more]
SpiderStepper (Prod 191210 S1219)SpiderStepper (Prod 191210 S1219)
New home, physical therapy, and medical office device to help res ... [more]
Super-Cut Mayo Scissors (Prod 1511021S)Super-Cut Mayo Scissors (Prod 1511021S)
Specially designed razor-sharp upper blade providing a smooth and ... [more]