Vilex, Inc.

Product Listings for Vilex, Inc.
Bone Clamps/Distractors & Small Bone Clamp Distractor
Vilex makes both one- and two-dimensional bone distractors that e ... [more]
Bone Estimator
Bone clamp with tips that have jaws to accommodate a k-wire and t ... [more]
Bone Staple System (Prod 5341)
Staple system that enables the surgeon to fixate with both straig ... [more]
Cannulated Hemi Implant System (CHI)
A complete system designed specifically for replacing the base of ... [more]
Multi-Angled Blade Guides
Multiple blade guides that enable the surgeon to be more precis ... [more]
One Step Drill
The ONE STEP DRILL™ allows for the creation of the initial ... [more]
Talus of Vilex, TOV
The Talus of Vilex, TOV®, implant is used to correct the Valg ... [more]
Wire Tucker (Prod 5339)
Designed with two different tips, so whether you have to pull wir ... [more]