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ACF (Prod 150530)
The ACF is indicated for femoral fixation in ACL surgery. It is e ... [more]
BRADLEY (HA Coated) Composite Hip (Prod 3788)
Stress distribution in femur and prosthesis radically altered fro ... [more]
Cannulok Hip Revision Femoral (Prod 3786)
Unique in combining the advantages of a modular hip prosthesis wi ... [more]
Femoral Cement Pressurizer (Prod 3781)
Ideally suited for impaction grafting. Allows maximum pressure a ... [more]
HIVAC™ 7 (Prod 150530)
HIVAC 7 Bone Cement Mixing and Delivery System. The HIVAC 7 h ... [more]
HIVAC™ Bowl (Prod 150530)
This compact mixing bowl features a unique geared rotational axis ... [more]
MAYDAY Arthrodesis Nail (Prod 3787)
Developed in collaboration with Mr J MIller FRCS, Mayday Hospital ... [more]
MISBIO® (Prod 150530)
MISBIO is a bioabsorbable interference screw engineered for the f ... [more]
Serf Novae Dual Mobility (Prod 150530)
The SERF dual mobility cup designed by Prof. Gilles Bousquet in 1 ... [more]
Turtle (Prod 3862)
The structural underpinning of cemented and grafted acetabulae is ... [more]