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Product Listings for Ortho Innovations
B-E-T Spinal Casting Frame (Prod 150612)
The B-E-T Spinal Casting Frame is easily setup in the patient's h ... [more]
Elbow Hyperflexion Sling/Brace (Prod 4291)
The Elbow Hyperflexion Sling/Brace uses an ulnar wrist cuff and s ... [more]
Hip Abduction Orthosis (Prod 150612)
H.A.O. Hip Abduction Orthosis. The first "off the shelf" ... [more]
Mackie Hinge Elbow Brace (Prod 4289)
Mackie Hinge Elbow Brace can be used in both flexion and extensio ... [more]
Mackie Hinge Knee Brace (Prod 4290)
Works through incremental static stretch of the joint to toleranc ... [more]
Mackie Wrist Brace (Prod 150612)
The Mackie Wrist brace provides static stretch for conservative t ... [more]
Mackie Wrist/ Pronation Supination Brace (Prod 150612)
The Pronation/Supination Wrist brace provides static stretch for ... [more]