DJO Global, Inc.

Product Listings for DJO Global, Inc.
Designed for moderate to severe, unicompartmental Osteoarthritis. ... [more]
OL 1000 Bone Growth Stimulator
No direct skin contact. Can be used over a cast. Multiple sizes ... [more]
This brace has a unique low-profile, slip-on, sleeve-wrap style a ... [more]
Opti-Ice Cold Therapy System
Affordable and easy-to-use continuous cold therapy. Anatomically ... [more]
OptiFlex Knee CPM Machine
Hand-held controls. Progressive ROM, Oscillation Zone, & Fast Ba ... [more]
OptiFlex S Shoulder CPM Machine
Chip card stores patient's treatment parameters. Easy to adjust ... [more]
Orthotrack Inventory Management Solutions (Prod 7533)
Single source for supply procurement with minimal to no capital i ... [more]
Pain Control Device System
The Pain Control Device System provides continuous infusion of a ... [more]
Suitable for mild to moderate ACL and/or PCL, MCL and LCL instabi ... [more]
Forefoot off-loading post-op shoe designed for hallux valgus surg ... [more]
Podous Boot
Lightweight, quality plastic shell with soft poly/pile liner help ... [more]
ProRom Angle Walker w/Air
Provides protected range-of-motion with a shorter upright configu ... [more]
ProROM ROM with Air
Provides protected range-of-motion with settings between 45 plan ... [more]
Protective Knee Guard (PKG)
The Protective Knee Guard provides the MCL with prophylactic prot ... [more]
Quadrant Shoulder Brace
The Quadrant Shoulder Brace is designed for immobilization of rot ... [more]
Designed for superior stability,comfort and fit,the RocketSoc is ... [more]
ROM Elbow Deluxe
For post-operative immobilization and protected range of motion, ... [more]
S.C.O.I. Shoulder Brace
The S.C.O.I. shoulder brace offers immobilization for rotator cuf ... [more]
Short Arm Cast (Prod 9499)
Short Arm Cast. Available sizes: XS S M L XL. This cast offers s ... [more]
Short Thumb Spica (Prod 9496)
The short thumb spica brace controls motion at the first metacarp ... [more]
Shoulder Stabilizer
Provides shoulder immobilization and controlled range of motion f ... [more]
Shoulder Stabilizer SPA
The Shoulder Stabilizer SPA was designed for use by those with gl ... [more]
SideKICK Diabetic Walker
Intended to replace total contact casting for the treatment of ul ... [more]
SideKICK with Air
The low profile design provides comfortable stability for acute a ... [more]
Spider Pad Elbow
The unique honeycomb design contours for comfortable movement whi ... [more]
Spider Pad Knee
The unique honeycomb design contours for comfortable movement whi ... [more]
Spinal Fusion SpinaLogic® is a portable, battery-powered, mi ... [more]
Spiral Elastic Knee
Patients allergic to neoprene can still get the same even compres ... [more]
Soccer ball and baseball shaped Sport-Pacs should be part of ever ... [more]