ArthroCare Sports Medicine

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45 Degree Scope
Arthroscopy has traditionally been performed using a 30 degree op ... [more]
A-Tech ACL Guide System
A tibial guide that is designed for accuracy and for modularity, ... [more]
A3 Direct Digital 3-Chip Camera
Three ½" high sensitivity CCDs producing greater than 700 lines ... [more]
Ambient ArthroWand
Provides real-time visual and audible feedback on saline temperat ... [more]
ArthroCare's Spine Surgery System
Tissue removal by coagulation for open and minimally invasive pro ... [more]
Arthroscopic Punches (Prod 2407)
Barracuda, Manta1, Swordfish, Meniscal Lift, Bluntnose, Hammerhea ... [more]
Arthroscopic Scissors
Marlin, Hammerhead Rotary Scissors ... [more]
Extensive range of radiofrequency (RF) surgical tools for tissue ... [more]
Atlantech Revolution Shaver-Blades (Prod 2425)
All Atlantech Shaver Blades can be reused up to 5 times after car ... [more]
Atlantech Shoulder Positioner
The Atlantech Shoulder Positioner is used for arthroscopic or ope ... [more]
Atlantech Shoulder Retractor
Designed especially for open Rotator Cuff and Anterior Instabilit ... [more]
Atlas Wand Handle
Disposable system to eliminate fluid cross-contamination. ... [more]
Bending Tool
For bending of malleable ArthroWands. ... [more]
Bilok Screw (Prod 3839)
Composite interference screw of calcium phosphate and an absorbab ... [more]
Bone Access and Delivery System
For delivery of cement during procedures to stabilize compression ... [more]
CAPS - LOCK Cannula System
Abbreviated from "Capsular locking",it is the Cannula, Obturator ... [more]
Cavity SpineWand
A device used to reduce malignant lesions in the vertebrae, which ... [more]
Coblation technology is a controlled, non-heat driven process whi ... [more]
Cobra LFD - Tibial Fixation
The Cobra LFD (stands for Ligament Fixation Device) is an alterna ... [more]
The DoublePlay device is a fully threaded anchor and features an ... [more]
Designed by Dr Giovanni Zaccherotti from Florence, Italy the Endo ... [more]
EZflow Cement Delivery System Kit
Handle design allows for fingertip control. Cement delivered with ... [more]
Graft Slave
The Graft Slave is ideal for preparation and pre-tensioning of al ... [more]
Jaws Retro Toothed, Jaws Great White, Tiger Shark ... [more]
Hammerhead Rotary Punch
Specialized 90 degree design with a 3.5 mm tip. Side biting punc ... [more]
Hip Arthroscopy Set
The Dilator Set for hip arthroscopy contains a set of diators in ... [more]
Jaws Great White Grasper
Oversized grasper with backward pointing teeth. Unique rachet lo ... [more]
Jaws MegaMouth Grasper
Large and strong enough to remove loose bodies, especially from t ... [more]